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The Aromatic Allotment has evolved over many years from my love of gardening, relationship with the earth and my work as an aromatherapist. I have been a gardener all my life learning initially from my Grandfather and in recent years I have been mentored by others who understand the earth. The women in my life have taught me how to create food, nurturing concoctions and beautiful decorations to feed the body, enrich the soul and lift the spirits. The earth has fed and nurtured me all my life and I have made a career from the essentials oils that is produced from the rich diversity of plants that inhabit this planet with us.

I have a garden at home where I grow seeds into plants in my greenhouse, salad vegetables for ease of picking, aromatic plants, culinary herbs and cut flowers. The real magic happens on the plot of land owned by the local Methodist Chapel that is my allotment.

a plot of land rented by an individual for growing vegetables or flowers.
synonyms: rented plot/land/garden
“he grows vegetables on his allotment”

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