The festival on the 2nd February is called Candlemas as it became the day when all the Church’s candles for the year were blessed. People believed that lighting candles gave protection against the plague, illness and famine. As part of the festival people would place lit candles in their windows at home. The festival also draws on Pagan traditions. Often known as the festival of light it marked the mid-point between winter and spring. People believed that the weather on Candlemas would predict what they could expect for the rest of the winter.

Traditionally if someone brought snowdrops into the house on Candlemas day it symbolised a parting or death. If any decorations remained from Christmas that had not been taken down on Twelfth night tradition said that they should remain in place until Candlemas.

Celebrating Candlemas:

  • Gather candles and cleanse them with a crystal or by smudging them
  • Light a candle in your window
  • Clean your fireplace, light a fire and watch the flames
  • Make candles
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